Define your financial goals and objectives.

What you want out of your financial life starts with goal setting. Without knowing your destination you are not going to reach there. For this we need to understand your life style and business needs.

Define your current financial situation.

We need to ascertain your net worth and liquidity. Many of us go about saving and investing without actually knowing how we are going to use the money. We also estimate your risk taking capacity.

Design your customized financial plan.

According to your goal setting and risk tolerance, we have to develop strategy and course of action for you. We also keep in mind the tax implications of the investment.

Implement your action plan.

We help selecting the best financial products for you. In reality, there may be various financial goals with different time horizons and an appropriate asset mix corresponding to these goals would need to be developed.

Monitor and review your financial plan

With time, there may be a change in your financial goals, market conditions, government policies and economy etc. Keeping these in mind, we need to fine tune and review you portfolio at regular intervals to keep your investments on track.